Thinking About Retiring?

There are 76 million of us. We are Americans of the Baby Boom generation. We were born between 1946 and 1964, between WWII and "I Want to Hold Your Hand." We came to maturity in an age marked by domestic turmoil and artistic rebirth, by groovy tunes and good times. If we haven't already retired, we are certainly Thinking About Retiring! Time is moving faster, the working phase of our lives is drawing to a close and retirement is seductively beckoning us.
Baby boomer couple thinking about retiring. Will they enjoy retirement?
On average, we Boomers have more disposable income than our parents and grandparents did. We have Social Security, retirement plans and savings to get us through our "Golden Years." We hear and generally understand terms like 401K, defined benefit pension, Roth IRA, 403B and Medicare. But that doesn't mean we aren't concerned about retirement finances and outliving our money.

Yes, we are Thinking About Retiring, even though we are not entirely comfortable with it. After retirement, what will we do with our lives? Will we sit in the recliner and watch Oprah and Jerry Springer every day as our minds turn to mush? Who will be our friends? Will we have money? Will we be healthy? Will we discover that our life partner, our spouse, suddenly has become a quarrelsome pest?

We know that rocking chairs are not how we want to roll along. We want exciting vacations, we feel healthy and vigorous and want to stay that way. We can see ourselves shaking our booties on the dance floor again. We enjoy life, and we want to write the rules for how we behave.

The aim of this website is to help those of us Thinking About Retiring work through some of these issues, so we can face our retired future confidently. Please check the stories and resources here, learn from some, disagree with some others, and take the best with you forward.

--Social Aspects of Retiring

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--Financial Aspects of Retiring

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--General Aspects of Retiring

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