27 Tips for Retirees Who Work From Home

Are you thinking about working from home after retirement? Concerned that you will have difficulty staying productive and focused? Here are 27 tips for those who work from home or are otherwise self-employed, compiled from the comments of successful self-employed stay-at-home workers:

1. Maintain a set schedule for when you start and stop work.
2. Keep your work area separate from your living area.
3. Do not begin your day with recreational activity, especially TV or web surfing. Walking, bike riding or exercise is OK.
To be productive at home, you need office supplies as you would use at any other job.4. Work during the day and save the nights for recreation or visiting with friends.
5. Have a separate work phone and home phone.
6. Make a To Do list every night or first thing in the morning.
7. Congratulate yourself as you scratch things off your To Do list.
8. Consider renting an office with a desk, desk chair and file cabinet.
9. Post your To Do list in a prominent place, so you can always see it.
10. Include a start time for each item on your To Do list.
11. Have a "go to work" routine that you follow every morning. Shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, the "go to work."
12. Have a goal. Maybe it's acquiring 5 new clients this month, or selling 10 advertisements this week, or buying a new car this year, whatever it is should be concrete and achievable.
13. Tackle all the problems on your To Do list, even the boring or distasteful ones. You will feel energized when you've gotten them out of the way.
14. Get enough exercise, don't sit indoors all day. Walking and bike riding are excellent ways to clear the mind.
15. Don't work on random ideas when they come into your head. Write them down, then add to your schedule for the next (or subsequent) day.
16. Keep your work area clean and tidy.
17. Place a photo of someone you admire within view, for inspiration when your mind starts to wander.
18. When your workday is complete, quit working. Don't let your work crowd out your evenings with family or friends.
19. Once you have developed a work habit, you will find it easier to keep going.
20. Associate with successful, prosperous people. Seeing their wealth all around will encourage you to work harder.
21. For at least a week, keep track of how your spend your time. You may be surprised how many un-productive minutes you spend in a typical workday.
22. Be careful if you need to surf the web for business. It can easily become a recreational time waster.
23. Make certain that others in your house know that you are working. Don't let them distract you.
24. Do not work in your pajamas.
25. Make a list of people you do not like. If your mind starts to lose focus think about how bad one of those persons is.
26. If you need a To Do list that you can access from both home and work, consider the free web-based http://TaDaList.com.

and, last but not least,

27. If you have a TV in your home office, get rid of it!